Powering Ahead

Generac ensures superior quality by designing and manufacturing most of its generator components, such as alternators, enclosures, control systems, and communications software. Generac also makes its own spark-ignited engines, and you’ll find them on every Generacgaseous-fueled generator. We engineer and manufacture them from the block up — all at our facilities throughoutWisconsin. Applying natural gas and LP-fueled engine to generators requires advanced engineering expertise to ensure reliability, durability and necessary performance. By designing specifically for these dry, hotter-burning fuels, the engines last longer and require less maintenance. Building our own engines also means we control every step of the supply chain and delivery process, so you benefit from single-source responsibility.

Plus, Generac Industrial Power’s distribution network provides all parts and service so you don’t have to deal with third-party suppliers. It all leads to positive owner experience and a higher confidence level. Generac spark-ignited engines give you more options in commercial and industrial generator applications as well as extended run time from utility-supplied natural gas